Holding Hands May is Mental Health Month Resources YMI offers a wealth of resources on the mental health issues that youth experience. We also have resources for youth leaders and churches on how they can help youth navigate through these challenges. Read more YDS, Yale Youth Ministry Institute Teambuilding, Mission Trips and Service Teambuilding, Mission Trips and Service Resources Are you planning a year-end service trip with your youth? Find the resources you need to train your team, plan and prepare for your upcoming trip. Read more YDS, Yale Youth Ministry Institute Past Events Past Events Events Did you miss one of our events? Visit our Past Events Page, where you can watch all of our past event videos and interview clips from our Lunch & Lecture series and Summer Symposiums. Read more YDS, Yale Youth Ministry Institute

The Youth Ministry Mission

The mission of the Yale Youth Ministry Institute is to promote adolescent faith and flourishing in a diverse and changing world by conducting scholarship, equipping leaders, and resourcing youth ministries in and beyond Christian churches.

What We Do

Youth Ministry Scholarship

We Conduct Scholarship

Our scholarship includes conducting, funding and publishing original research into the theory and practice of youth ministry, and convening meetings of scholars and practitioners in the fields of theology, Bible study, religious education, psychology, social work, and sociology.

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Resources for Youth Leaders

We Resource Youth Ministries

Our resources include curricular materials, program modules, communication templates, “best practices” exemplars and guides for developing youth ministry mission statements, schedules, and programs, sample sermons, and consultative services.

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Yale Divinity School Chapel

We Equip Leaders

Our training programs include free monthly lectures, summer symposia, web courses, Bible study for leaders, interdisciplinary resources, and a curated online library of over 700 video lectures and interviews, all featuring renowned scholars from Yale and other leading institutions.

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May Newsletter

Mental Health Month May is Mental Health Month. YMI offers a wealth of resources on the mental health issues most impacting youth today. We also have resources for youth leaders and churches to support youth in navigating these challenges. Team training modules: Tending to the Mental Health of Adolescents Mental Health Curriculum, Articles, and Research Best Practice…


The Flourishing Life Project

The Yale Youth Ministry Institute is delighted to introduce the YMI Flourishing Life Project. Inspired by a deep concern for the “twin calamities” befalling our churches and our youth, over 100 leading practical theologians and youth workers from around the world have labored together for over seven years to conduct foundational research, publish academic monographs and articles, host a six-year, monthly lecture series and five national summer symposia at Yale Divinity School, and develop three sets of curricular modules and supporting resources.

Resources for Youth Ministry

Meet Our Presenters


Discussion Forums are a great way to join a community of individuals and groups who are involved in scholarship and study of the bible. Join today as a study leader and form a group or as an individual to expand your knowledge of your biblical studies.

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