Relationships and Community

The back of three teens with arms around each other

Relationships and Community

Developing Trusted Relationships and Communities

Relational Communities of Flourishing

Katherine M. Hyde, Nadja Reilly, Sarah F. Farmer

Addiction, Anxiety, Community, Depression, Family Instability, Mental Health, Mentorship, Psychology, Substance Abuse, Suicide, Trauma
Rev. Mike Park and Dr. Kara Powell


Kara Powell, Mike Park

Community, Joy, Youth Group
Robert Emmons and Marc Afshar


Marc Afshar, Robert Emmons

Gratitude, Relationship
Rev. Dr. Greg Ellison and Georgette Ledgister

Fearless Communities

Georgette Ledgister, Gregory C. Ellison III

Community, Joy, Multi-Ethnic Contexts, Social Justice
Courtney Goto

Holding Lightly

Courtney Goto, Lakisha Lockhart

Imagination & Creativity, Joy