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Dismantling Racism with Youth

Advice to Youth Ministers, Christopher Carter and Seth Schoen – Video and Discussion Outline

Rev. Dr. Christopher Carter and Dr. Seth Schoen offer some valuable advice to youth ministers.

Questions for a Black or Racially Mixed Youth Group:

  1. What is the difference between race and racial identity?
  2. How can we hold safe space in a mixed youth group while creating brave space?

Questions for a Predominately White Youth Group:

  1. What planning might we need to do to prepare for these conversations and these future steps in our programming? And what internal work do we need to do as leaders to understand how we might address this?
  2. What is the difference between race and racial identity? How can we help young people think theologically about the differences between the two?
  3. What are the places in our programming that are conducive to this reflection? How might this work in our preaching/talks, Bible/book studies, or conversations?
  4. What are some good questions we can ask our young people, meeting them where they are and with what they’re curious about?
  5. How can we establish a behavioral covenant so as to hold the safe space for this conversation? What are tools for conversation that we can develop before we even lead into a conversation about race?
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