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Dismantling Racism with Youth

Listening to the Experience of Youth, Evelyn Parker – Video and Discussion Outline

Dr. Evelyn Parker talks about how listening to the experience of youth can help enrich our discussion of race with youth.

Questions for a Black or Racially Mixed Youth Group:

  1. Can we create safe space as these conversations unfold? Or are we creating a brave space?
  2. How can we encourage youth to be respectful of their parents while disagreeing with their theology? And how do we feel about being responsible for youth thinking differently, and thus possibly creating tension for them in their families?

Questions for a Predominately White Youth Group:

    1. What internal shifts might need to happen within us as leaders to name that we are not the experts at this? How might we ask good questions instead?
    2. What might we bring in from popular culture to help this conversation?
    3. How can we continue to create a safe space as these conversations unfold?
    4. Is safe space even possible, as these conversations unfold? Or, are we being called to create a new brave space?
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