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Dismantling Racism with Youth

Practical Tips, Nyle Fort – Video and Discussion Outline

Nyle Fort offers some practical tips to youth ministers.

Questions for a Black or Racially Mixed Youth Group:

  1. What portions of the black experience are elevated and what portions do you feel are silenced?
  2. What are the theological ramifications of interchanging the strange fruits that speak seven last words with a traditional last seven words service?

Questions for a Predominately White Youth Group:

  1. What are some creative ways that the black experience can be brought to the forefront, whether through worship, or programming, or in the arts, or in some other way?
  2. How might political education about our local community be relevant? How did Jesus model this, and how might we?
  3. How might we be imaginative about what is possible? What is already bubbling to the surface for us as leaders?
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