Training Modules

Dismantling Racism with Youth

The History of Racism in America, Christopher Carter and Seth Schoen – Video and Discussion Outline

Rev. Dr. Christopher Carter and Dr. Seth Schoen discuss the history of racism in the U.S.

Questions for a Black or Racially Mixed Youth Group:

  1. Does expanding the experience of racism beyond the black community change your view of it?
  2. Do you avoid or struggle with naming things as racist?
  3. How has colonization been internalized by people of color? How does internalizing the oppression filter our perception of the world?

Questions for a Predominantly White Youth Group:

  1. Is this history of the U.S. familiar to you? If it is not, how does it feel to hear about these things?
  2. What does it mean to think about racism being embedded in the structure of the United States?
  3. For the white people in our midst: how does this “filter our perception of the world,” as Schoen indicates?
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