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Dismantling Racism with Youth

The Role of the Pastor in Combating Racism, Christopher Carter and Seth Schoen – Video and Discussion Outline

Rev. Dr. Christopher Carter and Dr. Seth Schoen discuss the role of the pastor in combatting racism with Rev. Keith King.

Questions for all Youth Groups:

  1. Does our group agree with the “why”? Why are we even engaging in this conversation?
  2. Do these conversations happen in our Christian formation opportunities in our church? Why or why not?
  3. How might we see racism in our church and in our practices? For those of us who are white, how might we engage with people of color as partners in ways that help us to see what we cannot on our own?
  4. If we could classify our church on a scale regarding the acknowledgement of our racism, from 1-10, how would we fare? Are we aware of our role?
  5. As Schoen asks us: Do we see the faces and experiences that many black people have, simply because of their skin tone, as being part and parcel to the image of God?
Yale Youth Ministry Institute