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Spiritual Practices in Youth Ministry


What does the Bible say about spiritual growth?  While there are many paths to growth, the Bible is clear on two essential practices: reading and living by the scripture and praying to God.  Establishment of these habits in children and youth provides a foundation of practice that they will turn to for regrounding the mind and replenishing the spirit. Meditation, journaling, chanting with Taize and participating in gratitude exercises are also wonderful ways of engaging with the spirit.  Exposing youth group members to different types of spiritual practices will allow them to connect with the methods that are most effective for them.

In this course, we will be talking about why spiritual practices are important and how to implement them in your ministry. This is designed such that each section may be completed in one gathering.  If every section were to be completed, with the group meeting weekly, this course would take seven weeks to complete. It is also possible to complete the course in a shorter period of time by combining sections based on your team’s availability. Similarly, it could be expanded, and the focal Scripture passages—merely used here as a discussion starter, and a backdrop for the youth ministry topics— could be used as a jumping off point for a whole Bible study for each gathering.  We are hopeful that the person leading this effort will feel free to adapt what is provided to their particular community’s needs.

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