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The Challenge of Integrating Youth into the Life of the Church, Frederick Edie – Video and Discussion Outline

Rev. Dr. Frederick Edie talks about how to address the challenge of integrating youth into the worship life of the church.

Questions for Discussion:

  1. What might enacting the turns of the grand Christian story mean for our youth, whether in the sacraments or in play?
  2. How can we embrace the breadth of what is possible in spiritual practices?
  3. What does the word “liturgical” mean to you? How expansive are our definitions?
  4. What does it feel like to consider the idea that we are fully dependent upon God and upon one another, and that we become “fully human through that inter-dependence,” as Edie claims? How might our spiritual practices embody this?
  5. Where are we open to God “breaking in and shaking things up” in our work with our youth?

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