Ideas For Gathering Youth Remotely

Ideas For Gathering Youth Remotely

Ideas for Gathering Youth Remotely



Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have cancelled the YMI 2020 Summer Symposium and the YDS Summer Study 2020. We know that these cancellations are disappointing. We were so looking forward to the time that we could spend with you while learning new ideas and insights. We hope to reschedule these presentations at a later date.

With school closed and so many things cancelled, finding ways to keep your mind and brain active has become difficult and different. We have lots of NEW and exciting resources and opportunities to help you through this difficult time and so you can “gather” with your fellow cohorts while at home.

Ideas for Gathering Youth Remotely
If you missed it, we have put together creative and wonderful ideas for youth leaders who are meeting with their youth online via Google Hangout, Zoom, etc. While keeping up with your regular weekly meeting time, try one of our ideas for meeting online, on their own, or for service oriented activities to help with the lack of connection between the youth at your church. Here are a few ideas.

  • Send out a daily devotion to your kids – this can be a short video with a piece of inspirational scripture or quote for the day.
  • Create a group text for daily check ins and updates.
  • Have kids care for others by having them pick up groceries for elderly neighbors (and/or as it gets nicer, yard clean up)
  • Have kids make a card and drop it off to neighbors or a nursing facility (facilities can quarantine the cards, etc. for a few days and then hand out)
  • Everyone shares a photo of their pet(s) and talk about how they are caring for them now.
  • Hold an “At Home Olympics” (come up with fun activities to compete – create a craft, fold origami, burpees, jumping jacks, etc). The leader keeps score and then can send the winner a prize.

For more ideas, visit our website.

We hope you find these resources helpful in this time. Visit us for additional features and offerings at the Center for Continuing Education.

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