New Resources And Guide For Online Youth Ministry

New Resources And Guide For Online Youth Ministry

Dr. Angela Gorrell


Looking for resources to help adolescents experience joy and flourish in the midst of adversity? The challenges faced by our churches and struggling young are daunting, but no Christian would (or should) concede that we lack the resources to respond. YMI is tackling these issues through The YMI Flourishing Life Project, where we are providing resources to Re-Center, Re-Charge, and Re-Equip Youth Ministry. Our network of over 100 practical theologians and youth workers have devoted their collective energies to developing training modules, curricular materials, and supporting resources to equip congregations and youth workers. You can find all of these resources now on our website.

Get the Guide to Taking Youth Ministry
Long-time friends and contributors Dr. Angela Gorrell and Paul Gorrell have partnered with YMI to create a guide to help those working with youth during this difficult time while keeping in mind the multiple denominations and differing abilities of the people who may use and be a part of youth ministry.

This guide, Guide to Taking Youth Ministry Online, is also meant to be a useful tool to engage youth in the summer months. We hope to empower and equip you to engage the youth you serve in creative, compelling, and connective ways online.

Dr. Angela Gorrell is assistant professor of practical theology at Truett Theological Seminary at Baylor University. She has been known for her tips on leading constructive conversations about social media with young people and practical things you can do to help teenagers use social media in ways that nurture their well-being as well as express their Christian faith. You can also find a guide on creating remote participatory worship, another outstanding resource during these times, on her website at

We hope you find these resources helpful in this time. Visit us for additional features and offerings at the Center for Continuing Education.

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