August Newsletter

August Newsletter

Quest for Truth

What’s Happening in August?

Not Your Mother’s Youth Group: Ministry to Youth in 2020
Lunch & Lecture Series

Please join us for the YMI 2020-2021 Lunch & Lecture series, Not Your Mother’s Youth Group: Ministry to Youth in 2020. Our presenters will address the changing nature of youth ministry, the impact of COVID-19 on our youth and how we can walk with them in these turbulent times.

The online Lunch & Lecture series events for the fall are listed below. For more detailed information click on the links or go to Upcoming Events on our website.

Upcoming Lunch & Lecture Webinars 
(Click the Lunch & Lecture title for more information on each one.)

September 9; 12 – 1:30pm: Wrestling with Rest in a COVID World with Nathan Stucky
Join the conversation as we wrestle together with work, rest, ministry, and pandemic, and as we imagine together the future to which God is calling us.

October 14; 12 – 1:30pm: Just Breathe: Resilience Strategies for Today’s Youth & Youth Workers with Jannah Scott  
We will discuss strategies for promoting resilience in, for and among today’s youth through a combination of academic, scientific and theological theories and studies as well as a series of case studies and interactive exercises.

November 4; 1 – 2:30pm: The Science of Well-Being with Laurie Santos
Learn the misconceptions about happiness, annoying tricks of the mind that lead us to think the way we do, and the research that can help us change. The goal will be to leave the conversation prepared to change your own habits and to help youth incorporate wellness activities into their lives.

December 2; 12 – 1:30pm: A New Vision of Youth Ministry Beyond the Walls of the Church: Mission Work and Outdoor Ministry with Andrew Wicks and Rev. Ryan Gackenheimer
Explore the ways in which outdoor ministry and mission work are evolving and engaging youth today (in person and virtually) as well as providing tangible tools for youth ministry during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bible Studies for Youth

Looking for a Bible Study for your youth group to start the new program year? YMI has created two new studies: Reading the Bible and The Gospel of Luke. These are interactive studies that can be used “as is” or tailored to your group’s needs.

Yale Bible Study also offers an adult Bible study for The Gospel of Luke. Consider having adults and youth in your church study The Gospel of Luke at the same time and then come together to share your learnings and perspectives. The youth Gospel of Luke Bible Study can be found here. Start with the Introduction for Leaders. The adult Gospel of Luke Bible Study can be found here.

Save the Date:
The Gospel of Mark: An Online Bible Study with the Rev. Dr. 
Allen Hilton

Zoom | September 21st – November 9th | 8 – 9 pm EST | 8 Sessions

Mark’s telling of Jesus’s life leaves a good reader breathless. It’s the briefest and fastest-moving of our Gospels (the Greek word for “immediately” appears 41 times in its 16 chapters), with few words and many deeds, so Mark offers a condensed look at what a Son of God DOES. Join Allen Hilton this fall for an eight-session walk through the sprint that is Mark’s Gospel. Allen will keep the pace he and David Bartlett used in their 2005 Yale Bible Study on Mark, but move the text toward the events of 2020 and the lives and ministries of class participants. We hope you will join us for eight 1-hour sessions online.

Register here:

The Rev. Dr. Allen Hilton, PhD ’97, is the Executive Director of House United, a non-profit organization he founded in 2016, a role that takes him 40 weeks per year to divided communities around the nation. Read more here.

The YMI Quest Program – Quest for Truth

Coming this month! Just in time for a new program year we will be launching Quest for the Truth with “Seven Weeks to Wisdom”. Quest for Truth offers youth a chance to revisit the truth of God revealed in Scripture and tradition. Look for an announcement shortly!

The YMI Quest Program offers youth workers everywhere free, online curricular materials and supporting online lectures, video clips, enriching devotionals, program templates, vesper plans, essays, monographs, and sample sermons. This is all divided between the Quest of Life, Quest for Spirit, and Quest for Truth. Find more information here.

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