Bible Study Forum & OT At Home

Bible Study Forum & OT At Home

Bible Study Forum & OT At Home


With school closed and so many things cancelled, finding ways to keep your mind and brain active has become difficult and different. We have lots of NEW and exciting resources and opportunities to help you through this difficult time and so you can “gather” with your fellow cohorts while at home.

Join a Bible Study Forum
The Yale Bible Study website now provides the ability for you to interact with others publicly or to create a private group with forum functionality! The forum feature allows for you to take notes, post, have discussions, and track your progress while learning about the bible. You can also become a moderator and invite a group of participants to register, and then take a bible study together. As always, the bible study materials are free of charge.

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Take Old Testament Class at Home
Looking to expand your biblical knowledge? Professor Robert Wilson teaches an introduction to the contents of the Old Testament (Pentateuch and Historical Books) and to the methods of interpretation through videos.

The course focuses on the development of ancient Israelite biblical literature and religion in its historical and cultural context as well as on the theological appropriation of the Old Testament for contemporary communities of faith. The course aims to make students aware of the contents of the Old Testament, the history and development of ancient Israel’s literature and religion, the methods of biblical interpretation, and ways of interpreting the Old Testament for modern communities of faith.

The lectures are available to all at

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