December Newsletter

December Newsletter

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This December, we have resources to help you celebrate Advent, a new YBS podcast with episodes that come out every Monday, and information on new Bible Studies and upcoming YMI Lunch & Lectures for 2022. All of our offerings are free and will be held virtually through the start of 2022. Be sure to register early (see information and registration links below).

I Hear You

Last Day to Register – I Hear You: Creating Listening Spaces with Youth with Mark Yaconelli
December 1st; 12 – 1:30 pm Eastern
Long-time youth ministry worker Mark Yaconelli has spent his career engaging in the quieter nature of youth ministry. Through the use of contemplation and compassionate exercises, Mark has fine-tuned the art of listening. By modeling this for youth, youth workers impart a valuable skill set to their young people: how to listen to one another, and how to be attentive for God’s work in their lives. Register here.



Advent Resource
The gospels provide different stories about Jesus’ incarnation and birth. Prepare for Advent by exploring our Incarnation study with former YDS Professor Allen Hilton. You can watch the four sessions of videos or listen to the podcast here.



A Visit to the Manger Meditation
As Christmas approaches, walk with your youth through our classic Quest for the Spirit meditation, “A Visit to the Manger”, which is based on Ignatian contemplation. You can find the meditation here.

Chapter, Verse, and SeasonChapter, Verse, and Season Podcast

Our new podcast, Chapter, Verse, and Season: A Lectionary Podcast from Yale Bible Study gives listeners the opportunity to overhear the kinds of conversations that take place in the halls of Yale Divinity School. Each week, professors from different disciplines chat about biblical texts from the Revised Common Lectionary. They bring their own interests to the table and hopefully spark new insights into the scripture appointed for the coming Sunday. New episodes come out every Monday. Listen at or wherever you listen to podcasts.


Exodus: An Online Bible Study

Exodus: An Online Bible Study with Dr. Joel S. Baden
January 10, 17, 24, 31, February 7 and 14; 8 pm Eastern
The Exodus is the central event for the Hebrew Bible, and for Israel’s identity. The episodes that make up this story – the enslavement of Israel, the call of Moses, the plagues, the crossing of the sea, Sinai, the Ten Commandments, the golden calf – are well known, but not always well understood. In these six sessions we will explore the Exodus – historically, literarily, theologically – and think together about where these stories come from, and how they have been used over time and across cultures. Register here.

2022 Upcoming Events

Connecting and Integrating Children's and Youth Ministry Across the Church Talking about Race with Young People
Connecting and Integrating Children’s and Youth Ministry Across the Church with the Rev. Caroline Ainsworth Hughes
February 2nd; 12 – 1:30 pm Eastern

We will discuss ways to join the programming we do with children to those programs offered to older youth, locate ways to integrate both into the life of the church, and discern where God is moving our ministries as we continue to emerge from the pandemic. Register here.

Talking about Race with Young People with Ahren Samuel, Jennifer A. Guerra Aldana, and Kat Armas
March 2nd; 12 – 1:30 pm Eastern

We will cover vocabulary to know, history to be mindful of and will end with practical next steps so that you can confidently engage teenagers in faithful and caring discussions about race, whether you are a leader, parent, and church member. Register here.

Empowering Young People Toward Beloved CommunityEmpowering Young People Toward Beloved Community with Rev. Dr. Montaque Williams
April 6th; 12 – 1:30 pm Eastern

This presentation will build upon the ethnographic and theological research in Church in Color to highlight practical steps congregations and other organizations can take to resist racism and embrace Beloved Community in the work of youth and young adult ministry. Register here.



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