June Newsletter

June Newsletter

Paul's Letter to the Philippians

Youth Worship, Bible Study and Formation Resources
Looking for curriculum, sample materials, and resources to help you lead your youth? You can find short, instructional videos on faith formation practices at home by Traci Smith, Children’s Ministry Curriculum Resources, Confirmation Best Practices, Bible studies and Quest for Truth curriculum on our Youth Worship, Bible Study and Formation page at the “Curricular and Sample Materials” section.

Traci Smith

Empowering Parents to Practice Faith at Home
Did you miss Traci Smith’s webinar on Empowering Parents to Practice Faith at Home: A Ministry Leader Workshop? We have the full video and short clips of Traci addressing specific questions available here. Traci has also created four additional short instructional videos that outline practices for mindfulness, serving others, dinner time, and bedtime, which can be found here.

2021 Upcoming Events and Offerings

Paul's Letter to the Philippians

July 14, 21, 28 and August 4; 8 pm: Paul’s Letter to the Philippians with the Rev. Dr. Allen Hilton

The addressees are being persecuted by their neighbors in ways that threaten by their tight-knit fellowship. The author is incarcerated in a dark Roman prison, surrounded by suffering and death. And yet the Letter to the Philippians is laced through with joy, and one of its most famous verses exhorts the reader to “rejoice in the Lord always!” Its pages offer both profound early Christian theology and timeless practical encouragement. This friendly letter from the apostle Paul to a Christian community he clearly holds dear is worth reading.  Join us for an online study as we explore this book of the Bible!

Register for this webinar at Paul’s Letter to the Philippians with the Rev. Dr. Allen Hilton.

Can Faith Repair the World?
It can be hard to catch the voice of constructive religious faith in the turmoil of today’s national conversation. But the gifts of belief make it plausible every day to work for reconciliation, the common good, greater justice and personal courage. In the Spring 2021 issue of Reflections, Yale Divinity School-related writers discover how faith and practice convert outrage into action, hopelessness into resilience. Read more at https://reflections.yale.edu.

by Rev Jack Perkins Davidson

I’m guessing that like us, you’ve had a tough year in youth ministry. While we started out doing a mix of online and outdoor gatherings, the spike in cases around November made us fully online for the rest of this academic calendar. As we were contemplating our monthly blogpost reflection on multi-church ministry, I realized there was a voice I needed to hear from, and maybe you did too: the kids who stopped showing up.

Read more on Regathering the Brood by clicking here.

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