June Newsletter

June Newsletter


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June is LGBTQ+ Pride MonthLGBTQ+
Youth ministers and youth workers strive to create safe, welcoming spaces for all youth. We have compiled tools to help you accompany and support LGBTQ+ young people. YMI works with leading theologians and practitioners to create resources, some of which can be found below:

God as the Innovator, Pastors as Co-Creators
“It is important for you to birth new things as a pastor. It’s probably more important for you to inspire, equip, and bless your church members who are doing the innovation.”

These words, paraphrasing Kenda Creasy Dean’s comments to our group, bore into my soul. These words, paraphrasing Kenda Creasy Dean’s comments to our group, bore into my soul. On Saturday, May 1st, the Yale Youth Ministry Institute hosted the Rev. Dr. Dean and the Rev. Matt Overton as our guest presenters at our annual Summer Symposium. It was the first in-person gathering from our office since March of 2020. The attendees focused on one predominant query: how do we innovate as youth leaders? Read more here.

How to Gather Safely
As COVID-19 rates increase again, you may wonder if it is safe to gather your youth. How do you sustain your ministry during the ongoing pandemic?

We have compiled resources on gathering safely, including programming ideas, curricula, technology, tools, and more.

Now more than ever, it is critically important to tend to the mental health of youth. Explore our training module on Tending to the Mental Health of Adolescents here.

Bible StudyWant to Nourish your Spirit?
Are you looking for a Bible study that will nourish your spirit this summer? Explore the Yale Bible Study on The Books of Samuel, where we learn the stories of the Hebrew people and how their heroes shape their tradition. Whether historically accurate or not, these stories are among the most psychologically realistic portrayals of humans, in all their complexity, in the entire Bible. They deal with all manner of human emotion: temptation, failure, and redemption. For the drama of its plot and characters, Samuel is a truly remarkable text. This study brings these stories to life, while challenging much of what we usually think about them.

Begin your study here!

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Stay Connected
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