October Newsletter

October Newsletter

Grief, we all feel it, but do you know what to do with it?

Mark Your Calendar! 
October offers several events including our upcoming YMI event on grief and loss, Center for Continuing Education events on topics like leading in a liminal season, contemplating a career of consequence, and welcoming the stranger: immigration and faith communities. Plus an upcoming Bible Study on the Dead Sea Scrolls this December that you don’t want to miss. All of our offerings are free and will be held virtually through the fall. Be sure to register early (see information and registration links below).

Learning Beyond the Walls
The Rev. Dr. Will Willimon was the featured speaker for a 3-part series called Preachers Dare: Speaking for God as part of the YDS Lyman Beecher Lecture Series. See the lectures here.

New to Youth Ministry?
Are you new to youth ministry or working with youth? Looking for theological foundations on why youth ministry is important and tools for creating a vision and more? See our “crash course” on getting started here.

The Dead Sea Scrolls: The Light They Shed on Judaism and Christianity 
Who collected the scrolls and what do they mean to Christianity? Join YDS Professor John Collins for a two-session webinar December 6 & 13 . In the meantime, explore the Yale Bible Study on Exodus with Professors John Collins and Joel Baden. Also an excellent primer for Dr. Baden’s 6-session online study of Exodus coming in January! Stay tuned for more details.

“Mental Illness, Evil Spirits, and Scripture”
“We should be wary of taking at face value the biblical depiction of a physically or mentally impaired character, lest we fall into the trap of equating impairment with moral judgment.” Read YDS Professor Joel Baden’s article in the Reflections Fall 2021 issue here on Saul and mental and physical disabilities in the Bible.

Grief, we all feel it, but do you know what to do with it?

Last Chance to Register! Grief, we all feel it, but do you know what to do with it? with Dr. Szu-Hui Lee, PhD, ABPP
October 16; 12 – 1:30pm
Explore the impacts of grief & loss on adolescents, concrete ways to process one’s grief, how to continue to connect with our loved ones, & learn ways to healthily manage this inevitable part of our lives together.

Register at: Grief, we all feel it, but do you know what to do with it?

2021 Upcoming Events and Offerings


Leading in a Liminal Season Fast-Starting a Career of Consequence
Leading in a Liminal Season with Rev. Susan Beaumont
October 20; 12 – 1:30pm
Liminal seasons call for a different kind of leadership presence, one that connects the soul of leaders with the soul of the institution. Learn how to lead in a liminal season.Followed by Q&A facilitated by Sarah Drummond, Founding Dean of Andover Newton Seminary at Yale Divinity School. 

Register at: Leading in a Liminal Season

Fast-Starting a Career of Consequence with Fred Sievert
October 21; 12 – 1pm

Explore the symbiotic relationship between faith and career and provide practical Christ-centered advice for creating a career of consequence. 
Attention YDS Students! The first 25 students to register and attend will receive a free copy of the book “Fast Starting a Career of Consequence” following this free webinar. 

Register at: Fast-Starting a Career of Consequence

Register Today! Welcoming the Stranger: Immigration and Faith Communities
November 6; 9:30 – 12:30pm

Join YDS faculty and a panel of community leaders online as we look at the role of faith in caring for the strangers in our midst, from the Bible’s instructions to current day laws. What is the role of faith in caring for the strangers in our midst, and what have migrant communities taught us about how to have thriving ministries in today’s world?
We’ll approach these questions from both academic and practical perspectives in this colloquium featuring short lectures from faculty and a panel discussion with those working with immigrants in our communities.
Register at: Welcoming the Stranger
Welcoming the Stranger
Belonging Belonging with Dr. Margaret Clark
November 3; 12 – 1:30pm

We all want to belong to a community and that sense of belonging is elemental to our well-being. Join Dr. Margaret Clark for a conversation about just how much young people want to belong, how they strive to belong and what really makes people feel that they belong.Register at: BelongingIn the meantime, check out our resources on belonging here.


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