Spring Newsletter 2019

Spring Newsletter 2019

Youth Ministry Scholarship

Blessings Friends,

Happy Spring. It’s that time of the month, where the YMI Team is preparing to host you for our monthly gathering. We invite you to join us on Wednesday, April 3rd in the Old Refectory at Yale Divinity School. We have some adjustments this month. Unfortunately, our April Lunch & Lecture speaker is unable to join us. However, we will still gather as we will introduce our new interactive YMI Learning Lunch Lab, a sacred space designed to foster a community network, for those who are seeking to promote adolescent faith and flourishing in a diverse and changing world. Our intention with our learning lab is to offer tools, methods, and practical resources to support youth workers in their journey, within the context of their communities.

We are excited to share that The Rev. Dr. Debora Jackson will be with us during our first YMI Learning Lunch Lab in April. Rev. Dr. Jackson will be presenting on Realizing Effectiveness and Well-being by Seeking Sanctuary. This is an important topic for all who serve within their context, especially youth workers. It has been said that youth ministry is “burned out ministry.” Youth workers are always eager to learn how to help young people cope with stress, depression, anxiety, etc. However, how are we as leaders and ministers coping and caring for ourselves?

The Rev. Dr. Debora Jackson provides us with the following question to ponder: Are leaders who take time apart to engage in spiritual practices more effective in their leadership?

The answer is yes and this lab will show attendees how. By traversing a process of 7R’s, Retreat, Release, Reconnect, Review, Reflect, Recalibrate, and Return, attendees will learn how to realize sanctuary – that mental and/or physical place in which resources are restored and spiritual wellbeing is increased. It is in that place of sanctuary that leadership effectiveness is fostered, because leaders will emerge with strategies that help them move faithfully forward. Thus this workshop will provide a process for creating sanctuary and realizing effectiveness in leadership, while restoring spiritual wellbeing.

You don’t want to miss this coming luncheon.

A reminder that we’ll gather for lunch at 12:00 pm. The lab will start at 12:30 pm and end promptly at 1:20 pm. Please RSVP on EventBrite in advance, or by contacting Madeleine Ranges, our Communications Coordinator: madeleine.ranges@yale.edu.

I am looking forward to connecting and partnering with you as we continue to promote adolescent faith and flourishing.

Living with Love, Grace & Gratitude,

Rev. Aracelis V. Haye
Acting Director
Yale Youth Ministry Institute

Yale Youth Ministry Institute