YMI Flourishing Life Program And Quest Program

YMI Flourishing Life Program And Quest Program

YMI Flourishing Life Program And Quest Program


With school closed and so many things cancelled, finding ways to keep your mind and brain active has become difficult and different. We have lots of NEW and exciting resources and opportunities to help you through this difficult time and so you can “gather” with your fellow cohorts while at home.

New Resources
We have many resources for youth ministry – curriculum, sample materials, videos of lectures and scholar interviews, articles, essays and more. Explore the site at yaleyouthministryinstitute.org.

We are delighted to introduce The YMI Flourishing Life Project. The YMI Flourishing Life Project was created out of the need to help youth programs that are currently struggling. In response to this, the YMI Flourishing Life Project assembled scholars of youth ministry to develop a theology of joy rooted in the experiences of American teenagers and to create ways of teaching the practice of joy to youth.

Each chapter and each lesson in the curriculum focuses on either an inhibitor of joy or on what fosters joy. The lessons teach practical tools adolescents may use to learn the way of joy, whether through the disposition that leans us toward God’s goodness and delight or that pulls us toward the goodness and delight we find in God’s creation.

The massive resources for the YMI Flourishing Life Project, which contains curriculum, videos, books, articles, and papers can be found at yaleyouthministryinstitute.org/flourishing-life-project/ .


The YMI Quest Program
The YMI Quest Program offers youth workers everywhere free, online curricular materials and supporting online lectures, video clips, enriching devotionals, program templates, vesper plans, essays, monographs, and sample sermons. This is all divided between the Quest of Life, Quest for Spirit, and Quest for Truth.

Each curriculum supports the individual and group quest by focusing on a different dimension of Christian formation: three different dimensions of the practices, attitudes, habits, understands, orientations and virtues that our Christian tradition has nurtured over the centuries as foundations of flourishing lives of meaning, wholeness, and joy.

The YMI Quest program is available on our website at yaleyouthministryinstitute.org/quest. Where will you start your quest?

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