Celebrating Milestones Online

Ideas for acknowledging and celebrating milestones with youth online.

Ideas for Celebrating Milestones with Youth: 

Church School

  • Ask each child to create a drawing or image of something that they learned in church school this year. Put the images together in a photo collage by grade and share with each class and with the congregation.
  • If you have traditions within church school classes (for example, 3rd graders learning Psalm 23), ask each student to record on video (either the entire psalm or divide by lines) and then create a video montage that can be shared with the congregation as part of a worship service.
  • Ask each child to submit a short video or photo (be consistent in your request so that you can compile) thanking their church school teacher and create a video montage or photo slide show with music for each teacher to thank them for their love and care.

Confirmation Class

  • For youth completing Confirmation Class, record each person giving a 1-2 sentence “statement of faith”. Compile into a video that you can share online with your congregation now, and show in church when we are regathered.
  • If your confirmands submit a written statement of faith, take excerpts from each to include in your Sunday bulletin or in an email to your congregation.
  • Create a virtual Confirmation Sunday where members of the class participate in your worship service through Call to Worship, Reading of Scripture, Prayers of the People, etc.

High School Seniors

  • Create a photo slide show of each graduating senior (with photos from each year of their life in the church) set to music that you know they’ll love. Send the slide show to the senior and their family.
  • Create a photo slide show that features all of your seniors set to a favorite group song that you can share with the youth group and with the congregation online.
  • Create a memorial with the seniors:

Ask each senior to get a stone and write (or paint) a regret, lament or intention on it. They should feel free to be as creative as they like with decorating the stone.

In a group digital gathering, ask the group to reflect on memories of their time together; earliest memories of youth group; achievements; challenges they faced; how they currently feel; what they are grieving or missing; and a hope for the group.

Have individuals go to your church one at a time, following a schedule that you provide, and place the stones on a cairn that you have started near the front of your church.

Once completed, take a photo of the cairn to send to the congregation inviting them to come and read the stones when it is safe to do so.