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Frequently Asked Questions — Yale Youth Ministry Institute

Our mission is to promote adolescent faith and flourishing in a diverse and changing world by conducting scholarship, equipping leaders, and resourcing youth ministries in and beyond Christian churches. We do that in three ways – through scholarship, resourcing youth ministries and equipping leaders.

We have organized the website by topic:

  • Vision, Training and Safety
  • Fostering Youth Leadership
  • Teambuilding, Mission Trips & Service
  • Youth Worship, Bible Study & Formation
  • Contemporary Concerns

Within each of these categories you will find training modules for youth workers, curricula and sample materials, scholarship, articles and readings, and best practices videos – everything you need for your ministry. Or if there is a particular topic you are interested in (for example: forgiveness) you can search by topic and all relevant resources will be found.

Under the “Training & Resources” dropdown, select the “Contemporary Concerns” option. On this page you will find all available resources on:

  • Ministering During the Pandemic
  • Mental Health
  • Confronting Racism

Each section contains training materials, curricula, best practices videos and other resources for ministering to youth around these topics.

We have extensive archives of all YMI lectures and events dating back to 2012. In addition, you will find short video interviews with our presenters on topics relevant to ministry. You can search by our subject drop down or by entering a keyword of your own and get a rich assortment of the various resources available on the topic.

The YMI Quest Program offers three different curricula programs supporting individual and group quests be focusing on a different dimension of Christian formation: three different dimensions of the practices, attitudes, habits, understandings, orientations and virtues that our Christian tradition has nurtured over the centuries. These three different curricula are: The YMI Quest for the Spirit; b) the YMI Quest for Truth; and c) the YMI Quest for Life.

The YMI Quest for the Spirit introduces youth to the ancient spiritual disciplines that have offered a hundred generations of the faithful gateways to the experience of God.

The Quest for Truth offers youth a chance to revisit the truth of God revealed in Scripture and tradition.

The YMI Quest for Life was created out of the Flourishing Life Project and introduces youth to two sets of curricular materials developed by leading practical theologians and youth workers. The first is called “Nurturing Joy in an Uncertain Age” and focuses on the Christian practices, habits, beliefs and orientations that promote joy and flourish. The second, “Beacons of Hope in the Midst of Suffering” are designed to nurture and promote hope in the midst of adversities and afflictions that are all too present in the lives of youth.

Look in our News and Events section. Here you will find all of the latest news as well as archives of newsletters, essays, articles and links.

This is the YMI forum, where you can join our online community by posting questions or comments, read posts, and respond to posts by others. Registration is free of charge.

You must create an account by registering in order to use the YMI forum. Click the “Register” button that is found in the Community drop-down menu. Once you register, you can start posting and replying to others’ posts. Then, when you return to the site, simply log in to access these resources.

In forums, you can create a post, by clicking the “Add Topic” button found in the upper right hand corner. Then select the forum from the dropdown menu, which is in the middle of the page. It will populate a form below where you add a topic title, your post, and any files or tags you would like to add. Click the “Add Topic” button on the bottom right hand side.

Click the “Forum” button found in the middle of the page. Here is where you will see all of the forum discussions that have been posted. You can scroll through the topics to see what has been posted.

Click on any of the topics that you would like to respond to. Below the post, there is a section titled “Leave a Reply”. Here is where you can reply to the post.

When you reply to a post, there is a checkbox that you can click in order to subscribe to the post.

You can reach us by clicking the link at “Contact Us”. Then fill out the form or email us at

On the bottom of our webpage, there is a section, “Join Our Mailing List”. Enter your email address to subscribe to our newsletter and other updates.

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