Quest for Life

The YMI Quest for Life introduces youth to two sets of curricular materials developed by leading practical theologians and youth workers supported by a $1.5 million grant from the John Templeton Foundation.

The first program, “Quest for Life: Nurturing Joy in an Uncertain Age,” offers over three dozen program modules designed to nurture 24 Christian practices, habits, attitudes, orientations, beliefs and virtues that have proven to ground flourishing lives of meaning, wholeness, resilience and joy. (e.g. gratitude, worship, prayer, agency, belonging, forgiveness, etc.)

The second program, “Quest for Life: Beacons of Joy in the Midst of Suffering” offers ten program modules designed to nurture hope and joy in the midst of the adversities and afflictions that are too often present in the lives of modern adolescents. (e.g. depression, anxiety, poverty, substance abuse, and family instability, etc.).


The practices and virtues addressed in both program modules were developed by a national advisory board of leading practical theologians and practitioners. The advisory board was led by YMI founder, Skip Masback, and included, among others, Kenda Creasy Dean, Andy Root, Anne Wimberly, Almeda Wright, David White and Roger Nishioka. Each program module is supported by a full lecture by a scholar-practitioner team, an accessible essay on the module’s topic, ten or more short inverview clips with the scholar-practitoner team and ancillary helps.

As Archbishop of Canterbury put it “. . . religious faith is not just a set of private beliefs about supernatural things, but a comprehensive ground for reflection on how the world and human life hang together….” The YMI Quest for Life program introduces youth to this “comprehensive ground for reflection,” offering Christianity’s “Life 101” as the treasure map to the “abundant life” Jesus came to share.


Nurturing Joy in an Uncertain Age

November Newsletter 2021

Writings on Nurturing Joy

Dr. Rodger Nishioka


Kara Powell


David White

Rejoicing in Adolescence: A Parable of God

The Flowers of the Field

Finding a Grit Fit

Finding a Grit Fit

Under Pressure

Under Pressure

Relationships and Community

Hospitality: Room For Another

Worth the Wait

Worth the Wait

Joy On Purpose

Beauty Reclaimed

Embodying Joy

Embodying Joy

My Own Two Hands

Being a Light in the Dark


Beacons of Joy in the Midst of Suffering

Writings on Beacons of Joy

The 8 Bowl of Life Ceremony

The 8 Bowl of Life Ceremony

Dori Baker


Hope Never Fails

Tuning in to Joy

Tuning in to Joy

We Belong Together

Creating a Sexual Ethic

Women making heart shapes with their hands

Fear+Less Dialogues

Sexual Education Assessment Exercise

Sexual Education Assessment Exercise

Yale Youth Ministry Institute