Youth’s Questions, Faith’s Stories, Christ’s Claims

Dr. Roland Martinson delivers a lecture entitled, “Youth’s Questions, Faith’s Stories, Christ’s Claims.” Adolescence and emerging adulthood are periods in the human journey when existential questions are at the center of the day to day interactions and the unfolding, developing self and community. We will examine the intersections of those vital questions with the work of God in Jesus Christ and these encounters of God and humans as fruitful material for generating faith as well as effective Christian witness and apologetics.

Roland Martinson Roland Martinson

Roland Martinson came to Luther Seminary in 1977 and has held numerous academic and leadership roles. Now Professor Emeritus, he most recently served for five years as Luther Seminary’s Vice President for Academic Affairs and Academic Dean. He was ordained in 1968. “Rollie” was the project director of the landmark Exemplary Youth Ministry Study and a participant the Search Institute’s original “Effectiveness of Christian Education” study. His works include: The Spirit and Culture of Youth Ministry (2010); OMG: A Youth Ministry Handbook (2010); Coming of Age (2006); Gearing Up for Youth Ministry in the 21st Century (1992); Effective Youth Ministry, A Congregational Approach (1988); Bringing Up Your Child and Ministries with Families (1986); and A Joyful Call to Ministry (1982). He serves on the Board of Directors for Vibrant Faith. Rollie lives with his wife in New Brighton, MN.