Creating a Virtual Mission Trip, Service or Camp Experience

Leading Transformative Service Days and Mission Trips

Resources for creating a virtual mission trip, service or camp experience.

Service Project Examples:

  1. Match members of your youth group with elders in the church. Have write cards or letters to elders to begin their “pen pal” relationship.
  2. Contact your local food pantry or shelter to find out which items are most needed. Hold a virtual “scavenger hunt” with your youth to find these items in their kitchens at home. Make a drop box at your church where they can drop off food items. Deliver the box to the food pantry/shelter.
  3. Contact your local shelter (or families in your community) and find out what items are needed for adults and children. Create a Target account and have your entire group log on. Assign items to teams and give them a dollar amount to spend and a time limit. Send teams to break out rooms to shop. Bring everyone back to the main room and view the cart together – you can have a representative from each team speak about their shopping decisions. Complete the purchase and have it sent directly to the shelter.


Yale Youth Ministry Institute