Cultivating Worshipful Youth

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Articles and resources on the importance of worship for youth.

Articles and Research (click to view)

What is Worship?, Fred Bittner

What Does it Mean to ‘Worship’ as a Christian?,  Sarah Hartland

6 Essential Reasons Why Worship Matters, Philip Wagner

All Things New: The Role of Worship in Youth Ministry,  Brandon Metcalf

Worship Spaces (click to view)

Worship Wars: Traditional vs. Contemporary Worship,

Designing Worship Spaces with Millennials in Mind,

Effective Student Spaces: 3 Tried-and-True Design Elements,

Music (click to view)

The Theology and Place of Music in Worship,

Different Types of Christian Music: A Look at the Genres,

How to Choose Worship Songs: 25 Ways to Pick Good Songs for Your Church, Tim Lucas

Worship Leaders and Pastors: Song Recommendations for Youth Groups, Bob Kauflin

Worship Songs for Youth Groups, Jennifer Betts

Preaching and Testimony (click to view)

Why Youth Need to Be Regularly Leading Worship NOW, James DeBoer, Eric Mathis, Bruce Benedict, Joan Huyser-Honig

They’re Just Not That Into You: Overcoming Teenagers’ Bible-Reading Hurdles,

Preaching for Youth: Finding Topics for Youth Sermons, Rachel Blom

Experiential Prayer and Embodied Worship (click to view)

Embodied Prayer,

Exploring the Role of Embodiment in Worship,

Bodies and Liturgy,

Spirit People and Embodied Worship, Calvin Institute of Christian Worship

Cultivating Worshipful Youth Training Module (click to view)

Yale Youth Ministry Institute