Developing Trusted Relationships and Nurturing Communities

Ideas for Gathering Youth Remotely

Articles and resources on creating an environment where youth can develop trusted relationships with peers and adults, and the value of nurturing communities.

Articles and Research (click to view)

What Do Young People Really Want in a Church?, Fuller Youth Institute

A Study of Best Practices in Youth Engagement and Leadership Development,

Trusting and Nurturing Relationships (click to view)

The Role of Trusted Adults in Young People’s Social and Economic Lives, Ariella Meltzer, Kristy Muir, and Lyn Craig

How Can We Nurture Our Teens?, Elana Premak Sandler, Psychology Today, May 6, 2015

Healthy Relationships in Adolescence,

Community (click to view)

Community is Everything: How to Build Your Tribe, Miki Agrawal

Building Relationship with Middle School Students, David Bond

Love, Acceptance and Grace (click to view)

The Culture of Belonging in Youth Group, Rebecca Heck

Radical Hospitality (click to view)

Radical Hospitality: The First Practice of Fruitful Congregations, Robert Schnase

Promoting Hospitality as a Way of Life,

Developing Trusted Relationships and Nurturing Communities Training Module (click to view)

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