Fundraising Email

Fundraising Email

This is a sample of an email directed at fundraising for retreats/mission trips.

Draft Fundraising Email

Two weeks from today, [insert number of kids] mission fish will travel to Shaw, Mississippi for their winter mission trip.  Shaw is a town of just 1,900 people, where the median annual household income is $17,000. 99% of the children in Shaw qualify for free or reduced meals at school.

Delta Hands for Hope is a non-profit organization founded by the Rev. Jason Coker.  The mission is to provide services and activities for the middle and high school students of Shaw.  Run by a single staff person, Delta Hands for Hope has provided over 10,000 meals to children of the town, and offers an annual summer camp, high school leadership programming, a middle school girls bible study, photography classes, and after-school homework support.  They do not charge fees for any services or programs and the center is the only place in town where children can come for free internet access for homework support, test registration, college and financial aid applications – all on the one computer at the center.

The need for these children is so great that we are dreaming big!  Our construction projects for the week are ambitious and varied, aligning closely with the mission of Delta Hands for Help as well as working with other agencies and organizations in Shaw.  Those projects include:

  • Renovation and expansion of bathroom and kitchen facilities at Delta Hands for Hope
  • Building a playground, gathering space, basketball court, gardens and benches at a town park
  • Framing out Sunday School classrooms, and tiling and carpeting floors at a partner church
  • Remodeling a parsonage at our host church

We feel blessed to be able to do this work for our partners, but we’d like to do even more – like provide some additional computers and cameras for Delta Hands for Hope. But we can’t do it without your help!

You have generously supported us as a mission sponsor in the past and we ask you to make a mission sponsor donation again this year.   You can donate online or by sending a check to the church.

Thanks in advance for your support!

Yale Youth Ministry Institute