Host Church Thank You Letter

An Open Letter to Youth Ministers - Amanda Mbuvi

Sample of a thank you letter to a church for hosting a mission trip group.

Sample Host Church Thank You Letter

Dear Pastor [Name],

Now that we’ve recovered from our travels, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for everything that you did to make our mission trip a success.  From our perspective, the mission trip was a tremendous success in every way and, a blessed opportunity to fellowship, worship and serve together.  It was a life changing experience for all of the mission fish.

Pastor, I can’t thank you enough for all that you did for us on this trip.  Not only did you welcome our kids into your church, but you and your congregation opened your hearts to us.  I know it was a lot to take on and I hope that it didn’t take too long to put things back together.

Each trip provides us with opportunities to dig deeper in our relationships with God and each other; to serve God and one another; and to experience a part of the world and a culture that is different from ours at home.  I cannot thank you enough for making that possible for us this year. Please know that you have touched many lives and that we continue to hold you and your congregation in our prayers.

In Christ’s service,



Yale Youth Ministry Institute