Mission Trip Detailed Work Plan

Mission Trip Detailed Work Plan

Example of a detailed work plan for mission trip planning and execution.

Sample Trip Logistics Detail/Work Plan

Assign responsible parties and deadlines to each item in each category


  • Create/review/update budget
  • Collect and track trip fees
  • Develop materials for grant requests and/or fundraising plans
  • Create a list of cash needs for the trip
  • Contact the credit card company with travel details
  • Get cash from the bank and separate into envelopes
  • Set up fee and donation payment options with church office
  • Alert church insurance provider about the trip and determine if any coverage riders are needed for the trip.

Pre-Trip Events

  • Order boxes and items for “trip reveal” box
  • Schedule youth group seniors to pack and wrap boxes
  • Schedule youth group seniors to deliver the boxes
  • Make travel arrangements for site visit
  • Schedule and plan a Commissioning worship service with the congregation (assign roles to youth, consider inviting mission partners)
  • Conduct a pre-trip meeting for all adult staff and volunteers
  • Design and create a trip t-shirt
  • Have a dinner with Seniors (could be with mission partners on Commissioning Sunday)


  • Prepare emails/letters to solicit donations
  • Connect with youth group alumni via social media/email for donations
  • Schedule and create announcements for church communications (website, bulletin, newsletter, etc)
  • Schedule and execute fundraiser(s)
  • Get paper, envelops and stamps for “letters from the field”
  • Print mailing labels for all donors
  • Schedule days for youth to write mission sponsor/donor letters during the trip
  • Have adults mail the letters from the mission location


  • Send out an email/letter to parents and youth announcing the trip and sign up requirements
  • Collect all forms and medical information – make sure they are complete
  • Contact emergency contacts for each youth for the trip
  • Create a master trip itinerary with all details (you can revise to crate a version for youth with less detail)
  • Create a packing list for the trip
  • Final communication with parents to include “important trip information” details
  • Communicate with the local high school if the trip will impact any school days
  • Determine any special dietary needs from the medical forms
  • Compile allergy information
  • Complete background screenings for all staff and volunteers as required by Safe Conduct policy
  • Create contact lists and share cell phone numbers
  • Create folders for staff and volunteers with all important details/documents
  • Create booklets for youth with itinerary, list of participants/team lists, song sheets, etc.


If you have a large group and need to split into teams

  • Divide the group into teams and assign leaders
  • Recruit youth group alumni for trip if you need additional leaders and/or hands
  • Create team t-shirt designs
  • Recruit and meet with the team of adults who will assist with logistics


  • Research options for lodging for the group
  • Make reservations/pay deposit as required
  • Make arrangements for adult lodging as needed
  • Create a plan for “sick bay” at your lodging
  • Assign sleeping spaces for boys/girls
  • Assign youth chores at the host site
  • Make any room signs needed

Travel – Air

  • Check with group reservations at airlines for options
  • Reserve air block and pay deposit
  • Determine if there is a group check in at the airport
  • Check baggage fee requirements for budget
  • Make payments as needed
  • Compile flight manifest (names, gender, date of birth)
  • Submit manifest to airline
  • Check airport map to determine terminal and amenities available there
  • Determine how and who will pay luggage fees at the airport
  • Create luggage tags
  • Collect IDs from youth as they arrive – put them in individual team envelopes
  • Have someone from your team make copies of IDs. Take one copy and leave one copy at the church.

Travel – Ground

  • Determine local transportation needs at your destination – make arrangements
  • If flying, book transportation to/from the airport
  • Research rental car options and reserve
  • Create signs for cars/buses if you need to split the group


  • Create a meal plan at the host site
  • Create an allergy/preferred foods list based on needs
  • Create a plan for snacks, water, special foods, etc.
  • If shopping at Sam’s Club or Costco, make sure you have a current membership
  • Order and ship any special items you may not be able to get onsite

“Send Off Dinner”

  • Gather a group of parent volunteers to help with planning and the dinner
  • Create a theme for the dinner
  • Plan worship service
  • Go over all rules for the trip and review itinerary
  • Collect medications, check that all youth are healthy (no fever!)
  • Assemble “snack bags” if you will need food for travel

Free time Activities

  • Research cultural and fun activities at your mission destination
  • Make any necessary reservations
  • Make a list of options for a “team night”

Local Church

  • Make arrangements for Sunday worship
  • Make arrangements for post-worship fellowship
  • Determine opportunities to interact with the local church youth throughout the week

Other Worship Plans

  • Create a plan for commissioning your youth group seniors at the destination
  • Create/order a bracelet for seniors to give at commissioning
  • Select pendants for final group worship
  • Create vespers for the week
  • Create final worship service
  • Order/pack vesper candles and lighters
  • Order glow sticks for final worship

Work Projects

  • Determine work projects with host partner
  • If you have members/friends with construction experience, consider recruiting a “contractor team” for the trip
  • Assign contractors to projects
  • Order/organize materials as needed
  • Order port-a-johns if needed
  • Assign teams of youth to the projects
  • Develop a plan for coolers/igloo coolers, snacks at each site
  • Pack/ship tools
  • Build daily project check-ins into your master itinerary


  • If possible, consider recruiting a nurse for the trip
  • Recruit parents, others to volunteer to help with check-in at the Send Off Dinner
  • Create medical kits – if you have a large group, you should have a master kit and then smaller kits for each team
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