Mission Trip-Retreat Site Visit Checklist

Mission Trip Detailed Work Plan

This list contains suggested questions to ask, items to check and things to think about on a site visit for a mission trip.

Site Visit Checklist – What to Look For

General Partner Questions

  1. If an existing program, what is their typical schedule and how open are they to personalizing for our group?
  2. Do they require an orientation?
  3. When can we arrive/need to depart?
  4. Who will be involved with us during the week?
  5. What do we need to understand about the community/communicate to our kids to set expectations and rules?

Work Projects

  1. How many possible projects?
  2. What is the scope of work?
  3. Is there enough work to keep a team busy for the week?
  4. Do we need to bring our contractors?
  5. Do they have a system in place for materials/supplies or do we have to purchase/manage?
  6. Fees and what’s included
  7. Opportunities to interact with homeowners/community
  8. How accessible are the sites and how close are they to each other?
  9. Would we need port-a-johns, dumpsters, storage containers?
  10. Does the partner have certain work protocols?


  1. Housing option for arrival weekend/final weekend
  2. Space/rooms and # ppl per room
  3. Spaces for vespers
  4. Recreational space/activities – inside and out (courts, firepit, activities, etc)
  5. Space for commissioning (possibly)
  6. Parking
  7. Fees and what’s included
  8. Bathroom/shower facilities
  9. Food options available – can they provide meals, can they handle special dietary needs, place to store special foods and meds?
  10. Lodging options for logistics/contractors

Housing for main portion of trip

  1. Common area/meals/worship spaces
  2. Spaces for vespers
  3. Space for nurse/sickbay
  4. Recreational space – inside and out (courts, firepit, etc)
  5. Parking
  6. Fees and what’s included
  7. Bathroom/shower facilities
  8. Requirements for cleaning/chores
  9. Space/rooms and # of ppl per room
  10. Food options available – can they provide meals, can they handle special dietary needs, place to store special foods and meds?

Worship/Spiritual Partner(s)

  1. Is there a natural partner for us to worship with?
  2. Opportunities for post-worship fellowship?
  3. Opportunities for relationship during the week?
  4. Youth group we can interact with?

Community Partners

  1. If projects are homes, will homeowners be around during the week?
  2. Any fellowship opportunities during the week?
  3. Any cultural opportunities with the community?
  4. Is a final celebration appropriate/viable and if so, what is the best timing and program?

Leisure Activities

  1. What are the most famous attractions/activities of the area – anything “not to be missed” or that most groups do?
  2. Restaurants that can accommodate group of our size
  3. Team night options
  4. Good local spots for special treats


  1. Nearest walk-in clinic(s)/access to doctors
  2. Nearest hospital
  3. Nearest food shopping/other shopping
  4. Nearest Home Depot/Lowes


  1. How large are the airports? (maps)
  2. Is there group check-in? What will the check-in process look like?
  3. Food options in the airports
  4. Are rental car companies in the airport or do you take shuttle? Hours of rental company desks


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