Praise: Crediting the Conditions

Quest for Life

This lesson is focused on praise as an essential element of youth ministry.

Quest for Life

Enhancer of Joy



60 minutes

Lesson Developed by

Chris Russell

Materials Checklist

  • Film clips with soundtracks that enhance
  • Bibles
  • Freshly brewed coffee
  • 4 different types of cup including a classy one and a Styrofoam/polysterene one
  • Paper and pens
  • A digital image of the word Praise

Scripture Focus

  • Habakkuk 3: 16-19
  • Psalm 73


  • To recognize the formative place of praise
  • To identify obstacles to praise
  • To commit to being apprentices of praise 

Further Study – liturgical resources, films and images – a UK based resource for those working with young people.


Gather (5 minutes)

  • Opening Prayer 
  • Greeting One Another
  • Introduction of Session 


Engage (30 mintues)

Activity 1: Watch two film clips which are enhanced by their soundtrack. Maybe an action film and a romantic film.

  • Ask the group to comment on what the music/ soundtrack adds, not just to the film, but to the experience of those watching the film.
  • In the same way that the events are experienced differently because of what accompanies/ surrounds  them so are our lives as followers of Christ – this is the gift of praise.
  • Read Habakkuk 3: 16-19 – what difference do you think v 18 makes to the prophet? Why do you think that is? Assig one young person to be a scribe. Write it up on an A1 sheet.

Activity 2: Brew some great coffee.

  • Produce 4 different cups/ mugs/ containers. 1 must be a thing of beauty and one must be a Styrofoam / polystyrene cup. Offer crème, sugar and even syrups.
  • Ask the young people which one they prefer to drink out of and why?
  • In the same way that containers change our experience of what we drink – given the choice few would ever choose the polysterene – so how we frame our lives effects how we experience it. Praise frames our life around the goodness of God.
  • Read: Psalm 73 – track the changing emotions of Asaph and notice when the change happens? (v17)
  • The hinge of v 17 only makes sense when we work out why Asaph is there. Cross reference with 1 Chronicles 25: 6 – it was his job. Asaph is n the Temple because it is his duty.


Reflect (20 minutes)

Activity 3: What holds people back from praise? What holds you back from praise?

  • Are there any instances in scripture which we meet people who face similar situations but chose to praise? [ Psalm 42, Acts 16: 16-34]
  • Can anyone give testimony to the difference that choosing to praise brings 

Activity 4: encourage the group to open their Bibles at the Psalms – and to share briefly in the group what they like about the psalms (someone usually says fairly swiftly that they like the honesty of the psalms)

  • Whilst this is true all that is expressed to God in the psalms is expressed to God in the context of praise. Praise frames the life of faith.
  • Give out nice A4 paper – not just copier paper – but good quality writing paper  and pens.
  • Invite each young person to write a psalm – which is honest, but which also expresses praise

Send Forth

Send Forth (5 minutes)

  • How might this week be different if we commit to praise? 
  • Put up the digital image of the word Praise. Encourage everyone to take a pic of it on their phone and have it as their wallpaper.
  • Closing Prayer 

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