Spiritual Practices in Youth Ministry

Spiritual Practices in Youth Ministry

Articles and resources on the importance of prayer and spiritual practices as habits that orient us towards God.

Articles and Research (click to view)

Why Be Spiritual? Five Benefits of Spirituality, Ryan T. Howell, PhD

The Top 10 Benefits of Spiritual Practice, Maggie Lyon

Spirituality as a Positive Youth Development Construct: A Conceptual Review, Daniel T.L Shek

Best Practices in Adolescent Faith Formation, John Roberto

Spiritual Practices for Children and Youth, Debbie Kolacki

Resources for Spirituality in Youth Ministry,  Evin Carvill Ziemer and Shannon Harper

Prayer (click to view)

Praying for Others – 10 Creative Ways to Help Young People Pray, www.insight.typepad.co.uk

5 Ways to Teach Your Teens to Pray, Greg Stier

Creativity (click to view)

Abbott, Chad, compiler.  Sacred Habits: The Rise of the Creative Clergy. The Davies Group Publishers: 2016.

Contemplation (click to view)

The Christian Contemplative Tradition, www.contemplativeoutreach.org

What is Taize Worship, and is it Biblical?, www.gotquestions.org

Embodied Engagement (click to view)

Cultural Engagement, Katherine Douglass

Spiritual Practices in Youth Ministry Training Module (click to view)

Yale Youth Ministry Institute