The Gospel of Luke Bible Study for Youth – Introduction for Leaders

Gospel Of Luke Youth Ministry

A bible study on the Gospel of Luke for youth based on the Yale Bible Study series.

Lesson Developed by

Jill Olds

Introduction for Leaders

We hope you enjoy our eight sessions on the Gospel of Luke. Each session focuses on a few chapters of the book, and contains within it: a theme that encapsulates the chapters; a specific Scripture passage, which highlights the theme; two activities (one hands-on, and one media-based); and some concluding discussion questions.

While we have provided a structure for the study, our hope is that you will use these pieces to craft your session and contextualize it for your group. Some groups might start with reading Scripture; others might start with a movie clip, or a hands-on activity. You might use some of these pieces, or all of them. May the Spirit lead you as you customize your sessions!

We will highlight the relevant scholarly interviews and discussion guides from YDS Professors to assist you in your preparation for each week’s lesson.

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