Ministry to LGBTQ+ Youth

Ministry to LGBTQ+ Youth


Here you will find tools to help youth leaders accompany, work with, and support LGBTQ+ young people. These resources include pastoral care approaches and programming tips for this particular subset of youth.

Training Modules

LGBTQ+ Resources
Accompanying LGBTQ+ YouthTheologians and practitioners discuss the importance of supporting and walking with LGBTQ+ youth.
Cultivating Resilience, Well-Being and Authentic Happiness in Youth
Cultivating Resilience, Well-Being and Authentic Happiness in YouthTheologians, psychologists and youth leaders discuss the importance of cultivating resilience in youth.
Offering Effective Pastoral Care
Offering Effective Pastoral CareTheologians, philosophers, and pastors examine the importance of pastoral care to youth and their families …
Relationships and Community
Developing Trusted Relationships and Nurturing CommunitiesLeading theologians and pastors explore the importance of creating an environment where youth can develop …

Curricular and Sample Materials

The 8 Bowl of Life Ceremony
The 8 Bowl of Life CeremonyA multi-sensory lesson to demonstrate the heightened awareness one acquires in experiencing the every day trials of life.
Seeking Joy Through Seeking Justice
Seeking Joy Through Seeking JusticeThis lesson will ask youth to look at current injustices in the world and consider how God may be working in the midst of those injustices.
Trusting God in Anxious Times
Trusting God in Anxious TimesIn this lesson, youth will learn how faith can help them to deal with anxiety.
Hope Never Fails
Hope Never FailsThis lesson will focus on how sharing your biggest concerns with God can lead to a sense of hope.
Who Am I Before God?
Who Am I Before God?This lesson asks youth to focus on the self that God gave them.
Being a Welcome and Inclusive Youth Group
Being a Welcome and Inclusive Youth GroupThis lesson will explore creating a welcoming environments for teens of all sexual orientations and gender identities.
Relationships and Community
Hospitality: Room For AnotherIn this lesson, youth will learn that hospitality is not just about welcoming those they know, but about creating space for Christ.
Christian Life as Holy Resistance
Christian Life as Holy ResistanceUsing Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Martin Luther King, Jr. as examples, this meditation focuses on how Jesus calls use holy resistance, just as Christ did.
Loving Your Enemies
Loving Your EnemiesThis meditation lifts up Martin Luther King, Jr. as an example of loving your enemies.
Being a Light in the Dark
Being a Light in the DarkIn this lesson, youth will be encouraged to look beyond themselves to the need in the world and Jesus' call to love your neighbor.
Bearing One Another's Burdens
Bearing One Another’s BurdensThis lesson focuses on teaching young people how to give and receive spiritual support.

Articles and Readings

LGBTQ+ Resources
Resources for Ministering to LGBTQ+ YouthA collection of books, websites and podcasts compiled by the Rev. Heidi Carrington Heath to support your work with LGBTQ+ youth.

Best Practice Videos

Ministry to LGBTQ+ Youth
Ministry to LGBTQ+ YouthCreating supportive and welcoming space for all youth.
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