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It's getting safer to regather! Now what? And will my kids come back??

Kelly Morrissey
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Most youth ministry leaders that I've talked to recently have mourned the loss of connection with their kids during the pandemic. Groups that had typically had 20-50 kids showing up on a Sunday had maybe 4-5 who hung in online. They are wondering 1) who out there "cracked the code" and maintained good relationships with their youth this past year (and how did they do it), and 2) how do we approach ministry now that we can begin to gather in person again?

So, we ask that you share your stories with us! What worked well this past year? What did you learn that you'll take forward into a new season? How will you walk with your youth through the losses and changes that they've experienced? Let's help one another think about what ministry looks like post-pandemic.

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