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Providing Care Beyond Zoom  

Kelly Morrissey
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Yale Youth Ministry Institute Staff
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Zoom gathering are great, but are not likely a place where most youth will share their deepest worries/concerns. How are you connecting pastorally with youth?

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Susan Baldwin
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This has been a challenge. Our group is zooming. I was let go from my position and the new pastor at our church has not reached out to the youth. As a result I am praying with them on zoom and I am engaging them with small service projects from home. In our zoom sessions we discuss our challenges and our triumphs and we pray for each intention the youth are struggling with. I believe in checking in with them and letting them own the zoom session but I do keep things moving so they are Christ centered respecting their need to be together even if it is virtually. The uncertainty of youth ministry currently at our church is a big concern for our group as we were very active in ministry at the church community and in the city community.