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Just Breathe: Resilience Strategies for Today’s Youth & Youth Workers

October 14, 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm


In the first six months of 2020, today’s children and youth have lived through so many soul-provoking experiences. With the advent of COVID-19 illness and death, quarantines, school closures, summers on hold, graphic depictions of violence, the prospect of not going back to school or going back in a socially distanced fashion, and difficult imagery and discussion around issues of race and justice, youth have a lot of questions—and some even have deep concerns and fears. Add this to the daily, already complex lives of many youth in this country and the resultant mixture cries out for a resilient response for both them and those who work with them.

 This webinar will highlight various strategies for promoting resilience in, for and among today’s generations of youth. It will be presented in two parts.

PART 1: Through a combination of academic, scientific and theological theories and studies, Jannah Scott will share information on:

    • What resilience is from both theoretical and practical perspectives
    • How resilience is weakened through adverse childhood experiences
    • How resilience can be strengthened
        • Physical – Natural methods
        • Mental, emotional methods
        • Spiritual methods
    • Highlights of promising practices in building resilience with youth

PART 2: Through a series of case studies and interactive exercises, Jannah Scott will:

    • Reinforce the importance of the connection between mind, body and spirit in strengthening (or adversely weakening) resilience.
    • Invited participants to join one of 2-3 breakout rooms to think together, discuss and model resilience interventions based on what they have learned about resilience, with application to various “composite” youth profiles.
    • Reconvene the group for brief share-outs of the models developed and questions/discussion sessions.

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October 14
12:00 pm - 1:30 pm
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Jannah Scott

Jannah Scott is a Strategist, Planner, Advisor, Public Policy Expert, who has served in many capacities with faith, government, business and the nonprofit community.

For eight years, Jannah served in President Obama’s administration as Deputy Director, Center for Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships in the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. In that role, Jannah guided the engagement of faith-based and community groups on issues of resilience integration, emergency preparedness and response; countering violent extremism; religious accommodations in homeland security; H1N1 and other issues within Homeland Security. 

Her most recent endeavors included an assessment and engagement process in cities across the nation to promote the affiliation of diverse faith-based & community groups with local police, fire and emergency management agencies (Building Resilience with Diverse Communities).

Jannah also helped groups get connected with President Obama’s White House Office for Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships and the other federal centers for faith-based and community initiatives. She also served as the Policy Advisor on Faith and Community Initiatives to former Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano, where she represented the Governor with community investment coalitions, faith leaders, cities and counties to establish local initiatives aimed at serving in international missions and among the poorest and most vulnerable citizens of that state. 

As part of her international work, Jannah has been an Arizona delegate on several faith and civil society exchange journeys with Arizona government and business leaders. She also hosted, with the Bush White House, the first-ever jointly –sponsored faith-based and community convening, bringing together over 2,000 faith and community leaders, elected officials and philanthropy organizations to seek solutions to common problems.

Jannah is an associate with the International Foundation and a host to the annual National Prayer Breakfast. 

She has a graduate degree from the University of California at Berkeley in Public Health Planning and Policy, and an honorary Doctorate of Theology from the Gateway International Bible College in Phoenix, Arizona. Jannah has five children and ten grandchildren.