Annie Hipps

Annie Hipps

University of Michigan

Annie Hipps is from Seattle, WA and is currently attending the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, MI, where she is a double major in Psychology and Communications. She is very passionate about having difficult conversations and learning by talking to people. As a white woman in America, Hipps has learned through her experience at school what that means. In eighth grade, she was educated on the finer details of American history then she ever had at school or at home. This is when she started to understand the importance of using her voice and place of privilege.

When Hipps entered high school, she made it her goal to have open dialogues with her peers in hopes of and hopefully inciting change, learning, and growth in her community. She feels these conversations are the first step to significant change. Hipps hopes to continue this work through college and the rest of her life.

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