Justin Forbes

Justin Forbes

Flagler College

Justin serves as the director of the Youth Ministry program at Flagler College and has been involved in youth ministry since 1998. Currently a candidate for his PhD from the University of Aberdeen, Justin is a graduate of Princeton Theological Seminary earning a Masters of Divinity as well as a Masters of Arts in Youth Ministry. He also attained a Masters of Arts in Theology from Fuller Theological Seminary. Having spent 12 years working for Young Life, and serving locally in his church, Justin brings a broad base of experience across different types of youth ministry to include urban, multicultural, suburban, special needs, and college ministries. He is the co-founder of http://kindredyouthministry.com, a youth ministry resource organization, and is a proud foster parent. His passion is teaching and mentoring youth ministers. He and his wife Bethany live in St. Augustine, FL with their 4+ children.

Relationships and Community Developing Trusted Relationships and Nurturing Communities

Leading theologians and pastors explore the importance of creating an environment where youth can develop trusted relationships with peers and adults, and the value of nurturing communities.

Tending to the Mental Health of Adolescents

Leading theologians and pastors explore adolescent mental health and the role of youth ministry and the youth minister in supporting youth.

Yale Youth Ministry Institute