Phiwa Langeni

Phiwa Langeni

United Church of Christ

As a queer, Black, trans person from an immigrant family, the Rev. Phiwa Langeni is quite skilled at detecting and decreasing various societal gaps, especially with/for those with multiple minoritized identities. Since ordination in 2011, Phiwa has served in just about every local church setting possible: a thriving progressive church, multi-charge rural churches, a large suburban church, small churches deeply rooted in political and social justice, a new church start/nonprofit hybrid. They currently serve as the Ambassador for Innovation and Engagement in the Center for Analytics, Research & Development, and Data of the United Church of Christ. Phiwa is the solo parent of an adult daughter who challenges them in brilliance and beauty. In their free time, Phiwa enjoys reading, upcycling, 90s R&B, dad jokes, and creating all manner of things.

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